Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lunch and jewelry

One month since I last posted. Ooops. I did have blog-moments, but they never got entered!
Helllllloooooooooo, out there!

Belief for the Day: I am healthy, wealthy, and wise.

I did become wiser today by virtue of discovering a new type of jewelry. Surely, and hopefully, no one I have known until now has ever heard of this. Spoor necklaces. I am definitely gonna take a photo of one next time we dine at The Whitetail Cafe and post it on the blog.

We enjoyed a nice lunch at THE local cafe on Saturday. My companion wasn't all that hungry so she only had a cup of coffee and toast. In contrast to my never-ending hunger. The menu isn't all that extensive so I like to try something different each time I feel like taking a risk. I figure that by next Fall I will have eaten every menu item that I intend to. This time I chose the Italian sub with a cup of homemade chili. Chili is one of my favorite foods and I like to try it at different restaurants until I find one locally that I prefer. The Log Cabin has really good chili, and the Silver Star has very good chili, too. The Whitetail; not so good. Too sweet. Maybe it has deer meat in it, I don't know, but it was the sweetness that turns me off. My partner makes absolutely the best chili anywhere in these parts which has become my standard by which all others are judged. (Ray, dear, your chili is the best in all of FL!) My sub sandwich was good even minus the onions which had to be removed for there to be even the possibility of intimacy during the following 48 hours. Just like most restaurants here, the price is usually very reasonable.
Average of $15 for two people. (maybe because one of us eats toast!)

Common practice at The Whitetail is to get your bill/check when you go up to the cashier to pay. I am not sure why, but the waitress doesn't bother to bring it to the table. I've never had to specify where we sat or anything in order to get the correct bill. Pretty efficient, huh. Maybe it's cause there are only 10 tables in the place and hardly every more than 6 are occupied. Or, maybe they just pay attention.

An L-shaped counter forms the boundary between the cooking area and the eating area. Yes, it is like a fancy place I know of at Disney, the California restaurant, where you can actually see the cook fixing your meal. Hmmm. Maybe the similarity ends there. There are bar stools snuggled to much of the counter space where the manly-men eat when they're dining alone. A newspaper or two are always available on the counter to read and return; so much for the paper business' revenue from the newspaper stand outside the front of the cafe! Important community announcements are spread across some of the counter, too. Saturday's was about an auction of "misc items" in a nearby town. My partner says that between us we have enough of our own "misc items" and do not need anyone else's! I agree. But if you have always wanted a "Pepsi light globe" or a "flower sheet set" then the auction would be a good place to go.

On this particular visit what caught my attention the most was the selection of colorful necklaces in small ziplock baggies. With a printed 8x11 description of the featured items. I re-read it three times and still never understood what the heck these things were made of. It said that they were from spoors that came from ??? trees. OK, let me think. Something growing on trees, right?
could that be "spores"? I think that is something that grows on trees or on the ground, I'm not exactly sure. Although I have never heard of making spores into jewelry. I knew that I better ask some questions because D didn't seem to think this was unusual enough to comment on, even when she saw that I was perplexed over the description. So I took the backdoor entrance to the topic: "Um, did they misspell the word s-p-o-r-e-s?" No, she said. No? Back to square one for me. Maybe I should get to the point, I thought. Second attempt at information:
"what are spoors?" You don't know; she asked with a smirky grin. Well, no, I don't have any idea. I'll take a stab at it: something that grows on trees. Bzzzztt. Wrong answer. But enough to cause a burst of laughter once she escorted me outside of the Whitetail. She informed me,
"it's (pause...pause to build up my anticipation) deer poop/pellets." NO WAY! Yep. True.

I really, really wanted to go back inside at that moment and examine these specimens! Literally!
OMG. How does one make a necklace using deer shit? And who - WHO - would buy such a thing? It is just strange enough for me to look forward to the next trip to the Whitetail to check it out. By the way, if you haven't made the connection yet, this is even more comical to me because the Whitetail is named for that species of deer and there are several deer mounts hung around the place. Including one with only his little white tail and a-- sticking towards the patron's direction.

Disclaimer: I am not criticizing or minimizing the value of deer, the pursuits of people who are resourceful enough to market spoor necklaces, the people who find such items desirable enough to purchase, nor the people who consider it normal merchandise at the local cafe.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the way your mind adheres to the unknown and won't let go until you are up to speed on the subject at hand. Or at end, pun intended!