Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Today is his birthday

During my hour-long morning commute headed westward the backlight from the rising sun spread across the hills and hollers and created a septia effect with the pure, white glistening snow, gray-blue sky and bare, brown tree trunks. As a newcomer to this climate I am enthralled with the elements! I wonder how many seasons will pass before I dread the inconveniences of winter weather more than I enjoy the beauty. I hope that never happens.

What did happen this morning was that my feet got slightly cold while I swept the snow off my car in preparation for the trip to work. Not as cold as they would have been under the same conditions just a month ago. During my Christmas trip to Mississippi, I mentioned to my little brother that I would like to have some new shoes in anticipation of colder weather and trecking in the snow. He immediately responded to the challenge by taking me (yes, he went) to one of his favorite shoe shops. Can you imagine any man volunteering to go shoe-shopping with you, especially your brother? Not only did he take me there, he offered his opinion about what looked "like me" and what did not. For example, the alligator skinned yellow cowboy boots just didnt make the cut! "Not you, Sis," he said. In every instance of a reject, I agreed. He very patiently waited as I looked at every, literally every, option! And finally I found a very nice pair at a good price point. Not boots, but brown leather slip-on shoes with a thick bottom that has those little grabby cut-outs for traction and an inside lining for warmth. Perfect! By far, these are the best shoes I own for cold, snowy days. I am glad that today, on my brother's 41st birthday, my slightly cold, but not uncomfortable, tootsies reminded me of a very special time with him and of his love. The memory was his birthday gift to me. Happy birthday, brother.

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