Monday, January 26, 2009

What keeps me from blogging regularly? I do know, but this is not a counseling session, so I won't go there. Anyway, today, I am here. Hello, world wide web!

Politics: President Obama is now the leader of the US, and although I am not a political scholar, or even politically savy, I am a good judge of character, and this man is a good man and will be a good servant of the people. He has a good aura. I pray that the people who are advising him and working with him will be as good.

Economy: Personally, mine sucks. And according to the media most Americans are in financial poo-poo. My own situation was created from a combination of bank lending guidelines that were much to loose, a divorce, and my lack of discipline in accumulating too much credit card debt. A formula for disaster for anybody. However, I bought a Suze Orman financial planning/organizing system to file a record of my bad choices. Both my situation and that of others must improve, but the rollercoaster in still in motion. I heard someone on the radio say that a good thing that resutls from a financial crisis is that when you've lost everything, you find out what is really important and that's what you re-build from.

Weather: It's 25 degrees today in West Virginia which is warmer than it was last week. I have a whole new definition of cold since I've now lived through a day when the temperature hovered around zero for 8 hours. Almost daily snow keeps the landscape pretty enough to keep me from complaining much. I do love the snow. The ice; not so much. This past weekend I took a big fall on the ice at bottom of the porch steps and landed flat on my back. It hurt. It still hurts. Never let anyone convince you that fat people are protected from the excruciating pain of a fall by their "cushioning". My ass bruises just like yours does. The county schools are on a two hour delay this morning. Their little brains are going to be more delayed than that if they dont get some consistent schooling soon. And parents' brains are going to be fried from drugs that they take to cope with keeping children at home.

Religion: I am among the increasing number of people who are public about working out their own salvation. That's biblical, in case you don't know. I am spiritual and Christian. But not religious as defined by membership in a particular demonimation. Some religions other than Christian have teachings that I completely align with. I am at peace with my relationship with God. The recent best seller book, Eat, Pray, Love, is one of my favorite examples of spiritual inspiration, although I most closely relate to and subscribe to the series of books by Neale Walsch called Conversations with God.

Relationships: Too personal to broadcast throughout the www, but definitely I want to declare that I do have one. We are committed and happy. Not perfect yet. So in case any of you readers of this blog gets any idea of falling in love with me and pursuing my heart, don't go there. I have the type of relationship that would make for an interesting book, and maybe one day I'll write it.

Occupation: Not nearly as satisfying as the relationship! I have been bored with my present field of work for eighteen years. And wanted to make a change for just as long, but I haven't. Not because I haven't searched the options. I have had more ideas than you could shake a stick at.
I really think that writing is what I want to do. So blogging is part of my writing excercise. Now, as for making a living writing, I don't know how that's gonna be.

Dream of the Day: I live in a house facing a lake on one side and a mountian on the other. The walls of windows give me larger-than-life-views. My daily routine includes four hours of writing, meditating, cooking delicious and healthy foods, excercise, reading at least one hour, and loving my partner, my dog, and significant others the rest of the time. I am healthy and happy. The world becomes more peaceful every day.

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