Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's a good day in the neighborhood

One day a week belongs to me! I don't think that's selfish at all. In fact, I think it is very healthy.
If you have children, a spouse or partner, or other people in your immediate life circle with whom you share a schedule, you understand exactly what I mean. At first I thought that I could not survive on a four day a week salary because I am paid hourly, but I have managed. Living in a small town makes that easier for me because I am not constantly tempted by the malls and the billboards. Now that I am used to the day off, I am so thankful for it. If you have the opportunity to cut back to a four day work week, I encourage you to find a way to do it. There are many ways that many of us can save money in exchange for free time.

I am thinking of starting a coupon exchange at the office. If you're interested in doing this the following article is helpful.
You could do it within your family, among a group of friends, at church, etc.

I have a weakness for buying books. If you do, too, you may be very interested in looking at a book swapping club I have joined and if you end up joining, please use my name as your referral so that I can get book credits. Joining is easy and free.

Another idea that saves me money is taking my drinks to work; specifically, tea. I buy my fav tea bags, brew it at home and pour it into a re-usable container. This saves on money for sodas and is green living. Saves so many plastic bottles, too. I am planning to get a Britta pitcher to purify the water coming out of my faucet instead of buying gallons of water which will result in even more savings and more enviro-friendly.

Small town living can be so satisfying. I am not missing city conveniences so much that I feel deprived. It is a different life, but a purposeful life. I am so glad to have had the experiences of both city and small town living. I do realize that what suits me now might not have been so great twenty years ago, so our preferences change along the way. Current pleasures: little league and t-ball season began this week, the Farmer's Market starts in two weeks, and the garden is growing! Life is good.

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