Wednesday, May 6, 2009

what's for dinner

Purple petunias in the hanging basket on my porch have brightened my space! Thanks, AB.

I had really, really been wanting some flowers and was so excited to receive these as a gift last weekend. Wonderful; wonderful!

The new Farmer's Market store opened last weekend, too. Good stuff there. I was going to stop in today after my haircut but was short on time. Well, actually, I was hungry and that always wins out and the thought of the just cooked chicken in the oven trumped a detour to the FM. I will go in again soon. The produce looks very good although I didn't check the prices. The plants were healthy and reasonably priced. This is definitely a hot spot in town.

I got my new camera, Cannon SD890 IS Power Shot digital elph, hooked up to the computer today so that I can now download photos to this blog. There was a minor disappointment when I saw that the new camera does not use the same size photo card as my older Kodak Easy Share. The Cannon uses a smaller card and the one that came with the camera has a very small capacity. If D or AB can't use the older cards, I will post the size on this blog and see if any of you want the two that I have. I'm not so sure that I really like this camera as well as I did the Easy Share, but maybe I'll get used to it.

Two more coupon web sites. and for you to check out.

I love going to get my haircut! Today I heard a seventysomething year old man say that he has a pink shirt and maybe he should get pink highlights in his (grey) hair! He was serious about the shirt and I guess not about the coloring, but it was funny.

And the beauty shop co-owner, my personal stylist, told how her mother got unexpected attention when she accompanied her to a doctor's appointment this week. Stylist L had the appointment; no serious condition. Mother of L went with her for the ride. Mother mentioned that she hadn't been feeling so well lately, so the doctor switched his attention to her, and soon decided that she should go to the hospital for evaluation of her fast heart rate. She asked whether she could get lunch at McDonald's before checking in, and he reluctantly said that was okay if she wanted to, but he was concerned about the time efficiency since the admission process takes so long. She agreed, knowing that in a couple of hours she would get an early dinner at the hospital. For several years Stylist L says that her mother has decided that all, literally all, of her food allergies since childhood have become active again. One of those is fish, so she hasn't eaten fish in five or more years, fearing some terrible consequence. Just before the mother ate her dinner, Stylist L called the hospital room to check on her, and asked what they brought on the dinner tray. Fish, she said! But, you don't eat fish; what will you do? The mother said "I'm gonna eat it. What better time and place to find out if I am really allergic to it!"

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