Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hobbies on a Snow day Being Fifty

It seems that our snow comes on Saturdays and Sundays; of course, the same days that I want options other than staying inside. Nonetheless, I come back to the refrain of how beautiful the outside is after the snow. But the longer I am here the less I enjoy the being stuck inside, away from my partner, and alone with my thoughts. The photo I took today I has inspired me to get a snowboard and play so that the next weekend when it snows, I can add some fun to it.
Every decade of life seems to bring with it a different stage of life with new set of issues that grab your attention. I'm newly into the fiftysomething group but recently I have been focused on what will happen to me when I am sixtysomething. Who will look after me? Who will check on me if I'm sick? Who will I enjoy quite evenings with? Who will hang out at the bookstore with me? God help me that I never have to go into a nursing home, but if I do, who will be my advocate? How will I have enough money to live on without a constant struggle? Heavy topics, I know, but, unfortunately, I think they are necessary to consider. I feel optomistic that I'll be okay. It's just that until now I have not taken a good, serious look at these issues.
I'm excited about the bookmarks that I've been making! A little insecure that they may not be good enough for mass appeal, but that will be know in time. I think there is lots of potential with this endeavor since it will get much better as I improve my technique and marketing. There are definitely untapped markets that I have not touched right here where I live. I find that the Winter is not as favorable for taking bookmark photos as the other seasons are.
Reading Country Living, Real Simple, and Oprah
Making bookmarks
Taking photographs
Cooking with a new recipe
Chatting with my Jacksonville friends on Facebook

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