Thursday, January 14, 2010

Return from the Abyss

I would not have guessed I would let my blog, the blog that waited so long to develop, but wanted so badly to write, fall by the wayside. What happened? I don't know. I was inspired by SW today when she asked me how to start a blog - for herself. Maybe it is best for me not to put the pressure on myself to blog regularly if it is such a chore? Funny thing is, that once I begin typing it isn't a chore at all... I can go on and on.

Meanwhile, I continue to ask life's questions and roll around the possible -- a gazillion possible - answers. Oh, the same questions that I've been asking myself for some twenty years now. But they are not the same as I had thirty years ago when I was still in college! That's another topic for another day.

Lately my bewilderment concerns "what is my passion". Do I even have a passion? If not, why not? Everybody must have at least one since everybody seems to be looking for it these days.
I have many interests, and many pleasures, and many ideas, but nailing it down to a passion is elusive. My bookshelf is crowded with books about personal growth and discovering one's passion, and purpose, and career, and etc. Maybe my passion is collecting books instead of answering questions. If pleasure equals passion then I could be up the creek; food, sex, and sleeping. These books always require that lists be made to identify what you enjoy doing which will presumably lead you down (or up) the road to a sign that makes it clear what is your passion. Sometimes I take it seriously, sometimes not so much! I've already stated the short list two sentences ago. On the long(er) list, and perhaps the more serious, is writing, teaching, being the center of attention via public speaking, telling others how to solve their problems, and, more recently, visual art. For me visual art means using photographs to create art. The photographs are art, too. Remember, art is in the eye of the beholder! If I say that what I have created is art, then it is. Art, art, art.

There are some other questions that I am asking and formulating answers for, also, but I'll save those so that there is something else to blog about the next time I get inspired.

Ta-Ta for now, Sallie

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  1. Welcome back! I thought you'd left us. But honestly, I thought your next blog would be about the ridiculous amount of snow you've had to contend with lately. I was counting on living vicariously through your keen observations on the absurdity of slogging through the cold white stuff.