Monday, June 8, 2009

Farmer's Market

How scrumptious do you think these would be? From my personal experience, I'll tell you that they are fantastic! Available at the Saturday morning Farmer's Market. These were
picked just 24 hours before they were on sale. Locally grown, organic, hand picked, and hand packed. It doesn't get any better. D, her daughter, and daughter's boyfriend picked these in nearby Ohio. Out of some 110 quarts packaged, all were sold in four hours.

The Farmer's Market is growing but I think is suffering from lack of marketing. It's the same challenge that all new ventures go through. I seriously hope that it continues to grow in the number of vendors and buyers.

I just returned from a visit with my family in MS. It was bittersweet. I am so glad to have time with them - all of them - and it is always too short. It was especially important to me to see my Mother right now since she has had two more stokes in the past month, and we weren't sure that she was going to pull through this time. She did, thankfully. But it was a wake-up call for all of us, I think, especially her. While I was there she and I had many hours of one-on-one quality time. She stayed awake and alert. She was able to speak whatever was in her heart. This was the true example of "speak now or forever hold your peace". Some things weren't easy to hear nor discuss, but we both made it through, and for the better. I am happy to report that my 93 year old grandmother is still doing remarkable well and able.

I am exploring ways to generate extra income online. There are many scams, I know. So I am using whatever good sense I have without risking money that I don't have. I don't want to say too much about this since I am not committed to anything other than researching. If you have any postive experience or personally know of someone who is making money with internet marketing please let me know.

I created a newspaper ad for an upcoming hearing aid event at work and I think it looks pretty good. I would make one change, but otherwise I am satisfied with it. Whether people call for an appointment is what determines the success of the ad, so I'll have to wait and see. The event is this Wed, June 10th and Wed, June 17th.

The garden at D's looks fantastic! Snap peas are producing pods. Strawberries are blooming.
The first crop of spinach will be ready this coming week sometime. On the carrots, cute little parsley-looking tops are above ground. Blooms on the tomato plant. Japanese cabbage is very large and is "heading". It is so much work - you really can't imagine - for one person, but my D does it masterfully. Quite the gardner. We've eaten a couple of cuttings of asparagus; heavenly.

Anyone have a cure for poison ivy? We think that I got it from Lucy; she might have walked through some vines and then scratched my skin. Whatever the source, it itches!

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